She is Terri's maternal Grandmother

Rose Marie Gonzales

March 1, 1908 - February 8, 1982

She was a wonderfully loving woman who we like to believe brought us to this building and helped to make it what it is.

We have many of HER treasures in the building too.

Thank you Grandma Rose!

Love and Miss you every day...

And now...  MEET THE GRADY'S

Terri is a CO native and the woman behind the man (so to speak).  

Ron called OK home, made a few moves but his heart brought him back to CO where he found ROSE.


ROSE is his passion!  He has created a MASTERPIECE -- come in and see for yourself.  She is like nothing you have ever seen before.


You will  find him at 511 ROSE ready to tell you all about her...

past, present and future.


Please come by and say hi!


Here WAS  "511 ROSE"

It all started with a building!  


A building from the 1870's that has housed a saloon, a meat market, a coffee house, a grocery store,  a few restaurants and now she's just "ROSE"  --   511 ROSE that is! 

Hard work, LOTS of love and so many wonderful people have helped us bring her back to what she was. 

She is a beauty!  Please come by and see for yourself....we'd love to have you!



We will HAPPILY donate a portion of our proceeds to:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Two organizations near and dear to our hearts