ROSE belongs to all those that had a hand in bringing her back to life and we can't thank them enough...

Smoky - the wonderful man that sold us 511 ROSE

Mark - Ron's Emotional Support Contractor and contributor of ROSE's beautiful front doors

Gene - for our beautiful 511 ROSE watercolor

Max - for your enthusiasm, support and encouragement

Stuart - from Wright Construction for helping to make our roof a little safer

Chris - for your help with the framing and making our pictures look amazing (especially Oliver)

Eric & Chelle - for the ONE-OF-A-KIND Bar, Car Bars, Light Fixture and so much more

Tony (and Michelle) - for your guidance, time, help, patience and HAMILL+++

Evan - The creator of our incredible 511 ROSE logo

Tracy - For her input and "previous resident" guidance -- invaluable!

Ron & Joyce - for contributing your VERY SPECIAL rocking chair that resides in our Treasure Room

Andy - That one in a million friend who willingly worked at 511 ROSE tirelessly on his days off 

David - Our dear friend and neighbor who kindly let us borrow his truck whenever needed

Mike - working with us and so kindly helping us share your TESLA lighting creations

Lynn - for her help and guidance on some of our beautiful wall decor

Ben, Sean, Michelle, Ryan - Our attorney's extraordinaire... 

Susan & Kara - Avanti Insurance - for their unending TIME & PATIENCE


Jason - for giving 511 ROSE a fresh layer of attic insulation

Trinidad - for the fantastic drywall work

Brandon - NO ONE moves faster when it comes to Framing -- NO ONE!

Mark - He came in to do Drywall Finishing but ended up helping with so much more

John - Our plumbing guru -- he's been a huge part of ROSE

Mike - He turned our kitchen and cooler into a Stainless Steel dream

Antero Metalworks, LLC (303) 947-5565

Eric (& Edie) - for the visits, the help and being a part of the future of ROSE

Joel and Greg - for giving ROSE a fresh coat of paint and bringing her original floor back to life

Mystic Mountain Treasures (720) 551-2831

Ted - He started with the ceiling and did SO MUCH MORE!  He became Ron's RH Man!!!

Damon -for the beautiful metal art work on our bathroom walls

Gary  - for EVERYTHING!  Advice, help, pictures, hanging, painting and the nightly toast.

Kurt and Taylor - for your help setting up the kitchen!

Tracy - for the new front windows and the million dollar view

Canyon Glass and Gutters (303) 567-2199

Theresa - for our one-of-a-kind 511 ROSE Stained Glass

Parker the Snow Dog  (Honorary Mayor of Georgetown) for being our sweatshirt model

Stephanie - for sending Travis our way -- JUST WOW!