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Ron met a man named Smoky who owned a few buildings in Georgetown, CO and was looking to sell one.  The timing was perfect, the passion was real and he thought it would be a great opportunity to

"fix her up" and "lease her out".

He closed on August 4, 2020, drove up to Georgetown, opened a bottle of his favorite bourbon (Blanton's) and marveled at this amazing building from the 1800's that had now become a part of the family.  He named her ROSE. 

Ron called his friend Gene and asked if he could commission a watercolor painting of ROSE the way Ron envisioned her looking.  

As he searched for the perfect frame he came across some cool lettering, some roses and the most amazing bar!  Thus began the journey to where he is today.

Ron began the long process of cleaning out the building and found so many treasures that he decided they should be honored and thus the creation of the upstairs TREASURE ROOM.  He took some old wood and created lamps, the buckboard of a wagon became the back of the 511 ROSE sign.  He found a crate FULL of paperwork from the late 1800's - early 1900's and created notebooks full of history. He also found a special picture...that was under a  bed...that was under a pile of wood in the basement.  He was named Oliver.

And thus began the journey to keep ROSE in the family because an attachment had formed, ideas culminated and the bond grew.

Ron began the long arduous task of deconstruction and reconstruction.  He removed the ceiling from the previous dining room and brought ROSE back to her original design.  

He had the vision in his head.... the front porch, looking out at the barn with the old cars in the yard.

Plus if you have a front porch, you've got to have a guitar player!