Let us introduce you to Rob Solomon or as we like to call him, ROSE'S "Music Man"!


There are people that walk into your life and steal your heart with their kindness -- that is ROB!

When we built ROSE'S Indoor Front Porch we knew he was the person that belonged there.

Rob resides in Georgetown, CO and after an extensive travel career playing his music, he decided to settle down at the ROSE.  He even stated that the INDOOR porch is one of  the best venues he has ever played  (next to Red Rocks of course).  The acoustics, the view of the mountains, the magic of 511 ROSE...

Rob will be handling not only the booking for the Georgetown Summer Music program but he will be handling OUR bookings at 511 ROSE.  He will be our MAIN ATTRACTION and will also schedule any other performers. 

Please contact Rob @ (970) 412-6433

or email him at robsolomon54@gmail.com

Check out his website: robsolomonmusic.com or see his videos on Facebook or YouTube

Better yet, come and visit him at the Georgetown Guitar Studio 

or singing a song at 511 ROSE.